Rene Dickerson, RN

I believe life offers no accidents. Everything happens to the highest good. In 1998 my personal and business life was influenced knowing my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer with 2-3 months to live. At the time, I work in the medical profession as a RN. I understood the seriousness of my mother’s condition once her Doctors told me that I should prepare for her transition; However, I refused to believe that the Doctors had all of the answers. My medical training was challenged by this, because I decided to go against the grain of observing, listening and doing what the Doctors said. I started questioning why this was happening to my mother, and my family. And why my career, personal happiness and life in general felt out of balance. I started to see life as a precious gift. This is when my life began to change for the better. The impact my mother’s condition led me on a spiritual, emotional and physical journey. I was ready to learn the truth about myself. This is when Harold Davis appeared in my life. My Life Coach Harold Davis taught me the truth about myself. He showed me that my pure potential was within me. I believed that I was a successful daughter, business woman, and community advocate living a human experience. Harold showed me that I was a spiritual being having a human experience. Through his profound speaking he taught me that my greatness lies within me not outside of me. Once I understood that my power lies within me. As a result I have been able to co-create my life effortlessly. My stars started to line up. Opportunities graciously started to present themselves. I began to manifest an abundance of health, wealth, peace and joy. Today, I am living my dreams, creating new ones and I expect miracles to show up in my life all the time. I am now blessed to have the opportunity to inspire, speak, and work with others on a daily basis inspiring them to have a balanced life. My most wonderful experience of being is to know Harold Davis as a courageous, truthful, inspired, committed leader that talks and walks the life of being a divine creation of God.

Health, Wealth and Blessings,
Rene Dickerson, RN
Life Coach
Healthy Balance Now

Chaneta Lewis

Hiring Harold as my success-coach was the best thing that ever happened to my life. If you don’t know the meaning of coach, look it up before you ask Harold to coach you. He is relentless!! If you want success in life, if you want to see positive, life-changing results, Harold is the person to coach you. He is fearless, dedicated, full of zeal, enthusiastic and caring. He wants you to succeed. He will assist you in accomplishing your goals and living your dreams. That is part of his mission – “positively impacting” people's lives. When I met Harold my life was going no where. I talked about wanting success but I did not know how to go about getting it. I am multi-talented and didn’t know what to focus on. Harold took me through a step by step process of finding my “PASSION” and once I identified it, he coached me to success. How did he do this? 1). he helped me identify what was holding me back; 2). how to overcome my fears and my feeling of helplessness, 3). made me take responsibility for my life; 4). write my vision and mission statements; 5) write my goals, my plan of action, and time-lines. 6). helped me to reach deep down inside and bring out all my God-given power; 7). weekly inspirational coaching sessions; 8) helped me get out of my “comfort” zone; 9) encouraged me each step of the way; and the list goes on. He never stops until you’ve reached the goals you say you want!Not only does Harold coach for success, he lives success. He is a man of his “word” and a man of consistent, congruent action. He is compassionate, understanding but focused and determined to help you live on purpose and achieve the success you say you want.The turning point in my life for positive change was the day I was blessed to have met my coach, Harold Davis. He helped me “Move the stars”

Chaneta Lewis
Inspirational Speaker
Core Essence



Moving the Stars
with Your Words

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