Dr. Harold Davis

Dr. Harold Davis has one purpose in life, to inspire you to live to your highest Health, Wealth, and Spiritual Potential. He has dedicated his life to teaching the Success Principles that will empower you to recognize the true power that is within you.

He firmly believe that you will improve your life and live your dreams with the help of his transformational coaching.

Dr. Davis will inspire you to use your personal power. In his view, personal power is your ability to see through the illusions that you encounter in your life and business, to decide what type of experiences you want to have in your life and business, and then to take the right type of actions to attract it.

Central to Dr. Davisís work is the theme that one has the potential to grow, expand, and contribute to others no less than to oneself, simply by applying the right plan, and using the right type of home based business vehicle.

Dr. Davis is an author, Speaker, Life Coach, World-class Masters 400 & 800-meter runner, and Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director with Youngevity. He has searched for, and found the right Principles to guide his life and home based business. He has banked his life and success on it.

Dr. Davis has assisted many men and women realize their highest potential, not by adapting to something out there in the world, but by assisting them in becoming the persons they already are deep down inside. Dr. Davisís mission is to build a focus team of men and women who are positively impacting the health, and wealth of people, by empowering people to take control of their destiny. ARE YOU NEXT?


Moving The Stars Seminar, Inc. is a company whose mission is to positively impact the health and wealth of people by inspiring people to Realize Their Highest Potential.


Computer Technology
Texas A & M, and
University of Houston

Certification in NLP
as a Practitioner

Ministerial Status

Metaphysical Science Practitioner

Life Coach
Life Coaching Institute

Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science
University Of Metaphysics

Doctorate in Metaphysical Science, Msc.D. University Of Metaphysics

Candidate for a Doctorate in Holistic Coaching,. University Of Sadone



Worldclass Masters 400 & 800 meter runner, Sailing, Reading, Writing, and other sports


Founder of the Personal Impact Organization

Successful Television Talk show (Personal Impact)

Motivational / Inspirational Speaker

Seminar Lecturer / Trainer

Success Coach / Life Coach / Wealth-builder

Numerous awards as a Computer Consultant for over 25 years

Raised two successful daughters, and one son

Harold is changing the world for the better one person at a time, through his inspiring message


The International Metaphysical Ministry



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