MOVING THE STARS, An Introduction

You are a powerful being that have two distinct aspects to your nature. One aspect co-creates your individual life with all of its experiences and the other gives meaning to it.

What you do as a spiritual being is co-create and what you do as a human being is give meaning to your life.

This is built into your nature and it is always at work, because it is the law of your being.

You give meaning to your life by your interpretations of your experiences. This is an error in the way you are thinking about your life. You should base your life on the proper interpretation of Universal Laws and Principles. This change in how you experience your life is the first step in changing how you co-create your life or how you move your Stars.

A great teacher once said; "we have dominion". The way to understand how your thoughts co-create your life is to realize that in the infinite universe is the present of a Spiritual Energy Field of All Possibilities (Spirit). You become more conscious of this energy field by realizing that you are a spiritual being and by sensing the presence of a higher power that you can only dimly comprehend. You use this power all of the time, regardless if you are conscious of its use or not. This power works automatically for you and it is possible for it to manifests both what you want and what you don’t want to experience in your life. Your thoughts, words, and feelings give this creative power direction. This power works by Universal Law, and its willingness to express itself through you. You might have been fooled into thinking that you have been using real power to co-create your life, but in reality it has only been your will power.

You must use your will power only as a means of focusing real power to co-create your life.

Your will power can be used to insure that you correctly interpret the things that you encounter in your life, because real power or creative power works by corresponding.

Corresponding is another way of saying that the Spiritual Energy Field of All Possibilities (Spirit) takes your thoughts and turn them into an exact copy in your life experiences. This might appear to be a magical vague concept, but it is a concept that works by Universal Law.

It is the same Law that takes the information contained in a seed and manifests a corresponding plant from the soil. It is impossible for a carrot seed to produce a watermelon, just like it would be impossible for your thoughts to produce a result that is different from its combination of words and feelings.

Spirit is the power that gives each individual the awareness of its self. You are not like the animal that has no awareness of self. A dog does not realize that it’s a dog and geese must fly south for the winter. Can you image a flock of geese going against their nature and deciding not to make the trip this year? This will never happen for the geese. However you can say I am _______, and then start a new creative process for yourself because you are the Creative Factor.

This is how you Move The Stars with your words.



Moving the Stars
with Your Words

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